Where to Begin? Define Your Reality.

The most effective kind of leadership starts by choosing to recognize reality. Before deciding where your church will go in the future, it focuses on understanding exactly where you are now.

So what if you could take a snapshot of your congregation and better understand the nuances of your unique culture? What if you could shed light on how well you are currently positioned to engage young people?

unnamed copy
Click image for more information on Growing Young Assessment.

The Growing Young Assessment is an academically-validated survey tool that provides vital insights about your church’s effectiveness with young people. It harnesses the collective insights of your entire congregation to provide you with a true picture of reality.

No more guessing or simply hoping you’re focusing your church’s energy in the right places.

Based on the 6 core commitments discovered in our Growing Young research, the Assessment will highlight both strengths and growth areas based on data collected from you, your team, or your entire congregation.

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