Taking Youth & Churches From Death to Life

“Maybe if we just embrace our young people, they will come to life.” –C.J. Cousins, Speaker, Living For Him

The church in North America is losing its younger generations. Many of them grew up in Christian homes. Many went to church schools. They may have even been involved in church activities. But did anyone really see them. Did anyone know them well enough to know what was in their heart without judgment? Maybe we need to take an uncomfortable, but necessary look in the mirror. Maybe some of them are dead, because we’re dead. Do we overflow with a contagious love and spiritual vitality that flows from a relationship with Christ? Because when we do, we awaken from our own spiritual sleep and we can truly see them before they fall.

Pastor Cousins elaborates further on the impact fueling warm community and fostering keychain leadership can have on young lives in Living For Him’s blog:

Click image to go to part 1 of a 3-part blog series.



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