AUC Youth Engagement Summit

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia [AUC] took a monumental stride forward in growing young at a recent summit gathered in Melbourne.

Click image to read, “Church Resolves to Grow Young, Engage Youth”


“We had an Australia-wide Youth and Young Adult Engagement Summit with Presidents, Youth Directors, Education Directors and key young adult leaders from each State/Conference,” lauded #GrowingYoungAdventists Certified Speaker, Alina van Rensburg. “I had the opportunity to present on Growing Young, and at the end of our Summit, it was voted to implement the Growing Young Strategy Australia-wide! Praise God for the way His Spirit is moving!”

Click image to read, “Growing Young: How to Save Our Church.”

“This challenge belongs to all of us–every department, institution and every member,” said Pastor Brendan Pratt, AUC ministerial secretary. “Having AUC admin and all the departments working together on the event was in itself an attempt to model that this challenge belongs to all of us. Youth and Children’s ministry leaders have been doing an amazing job in this space for many years however the solution is not one or two departments but all of us.”

On the final day of the summit, conference delegates voted on nine resolutions, including measurable actions, which will keep the Australian church accountable and help to determine progress. These broad strategies include intentional prayer, empowering families, connecting, collaborating and discipling young people, communicating and synergising the strategies throughout all levels of the church and an overall emphasis on growing young.

Click image to access Summit recommendations and presentations.

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