Growing Together Summit: DFW

Church leadership teams from throughout the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists convened October 5-6, for the Growing Together Summit: DFW Metroplex. Pastor Benjamin Lundquist presented the core commitments that draw younger generations into the vitality of church life and afford seasoned generations vibrant relationships and meaningful growth. [As a resource, the first seven sessions of the summit will be integrated here for your benefit.] #GrowingTogetherDFW

“Meeting a diversity of leaders who are committed to take the risk to change their local church culture to reach young people was inspiring,” raved Melinda Pandiangan, young adult leader with Younger Generation Church. “Leaders ranged from the ages of 16 to over 70, from churches whose sizes range from 20 people to over 2500. All had something to teach and something to learn. It proves that the principles of Growing Young are relevant in every local church, no matter the background or culture.”

“Any church can become a thriving community for ALL generations,” lauded Lundquist. “I LOVE the local church!”

“Pastor Ben Lundquist is a powerful voice of advocacy for young adult ministry,” offered Russ Laughlin, Vice President for Spiritual Life and Development at Southwestern Adventist University. “His straight forward, concise, and relevant messages challenge, encourage, and empower multigenerational leadership.”

Particularly impressed with the hospitality and warmth of the host church, Lundquist mentioned, “The Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted the Growing Together Summit this last weekend, modeling with quality and excellence what it can look like to build a warm, vibrant, local community for all generations.”

A certified speaker for Growing Young Adventists [], Benjamin Lundquist is one of the leading voices in young adult ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church with over 20 years of ministry experience in the trenches. He is passionate about inspiring young adults to become growing followers of Jesus and leaders for his cause. He is a pastor, speaker, and leadership trainer, and serves as Young Adult Ministries Director for the Oregon Conference and Young Adult Ministry Coordinator for the North American Division Youth and Young Adult Ministries. Ben lives to share Jesus and develop young adult leaders.

“Growing Together Summit: DFW Metroplex was excellent, providing me ways to minister with youth and young adults,” commended Larry Moore, president of the Southwestern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. “I appreciated learning tips to help me better listen and communicate with my grandchildren.”

“The Seventh-day Adventist Church has amazing knowledge of Bible truths, but they are of little benefit to the world if we are not loving our neighbors well, those inside as well as outside of the church,” noted Caroline Fowler, young adult ministry director for the Benton Seventh-day Adventist Church.

“I was inspired by the relevant strategies that were shared to help reach people for Jesus,” continued Fowler. “Truly they’re His method at the core: love and discipleship.”

Over 30 multi-generational teams from local churches across the United States gathered, gaining insights and developed practical strategies to make their church the best place for all ages to grow.


“The Growing Together Summit was a transformational gathering for church teams across the country,” affirmed Lundquist. “I left truly inspired as attendees postured themselves to learn, grow, and move forward with courage helping Seventh-day Adventist Churches become thriving communities for all generations. The future is bright.”

The next Growing Young Adventists Summits are slated to be held this Fall in the Pacific Union and Mid-America Union! For more information go to

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