What If

The headlines and headcounts all herald that “young people have left the building” when it comes to church. Likely you too have sensed the fading of young faces from faith life. Granted, you run into students and young professionals you know and love at almost every intersection of everyday life. But when it comes to being part of church. . . not so much.

All across the nation and around the world, there seems to be a pretty global disengagement with Christianity and religion, or maybe it’s better coined disappointment, if not disgust. No wonder any given weekend churches seem more vacant than vibrant. . .

But what if there’s more to the story?  What if I were to tell you there are vibrant church families where Christ Jesus is being lifted high and next generations are at the very center of faith life?

What if I were to share with you about warm faith communities where neighbors are being loved into the fellowship and young families are being prioritized in every facet of church?

What if I were to share with you there are churches where relationships are deeply valued, and young people are being mentored into leaders. Where next generations are taking ownership and feeling a sense of identity, belonging, and purpose.  Where young and old are learning from each other.

What if your church could be the best place for all generations to grow together?

Growing Young Adventists is a learning journey for local churches and leaders helping to build faith communities that will not only survive but thrive in the years ahead. It is an inter-generational movement nurturing relationship building and cultural transformation that embraces young people and benefits all generations in the Adventist church.

We want to cheer, support, and resource congregations who desire the vitality of our young people and the great relationships they bring.

  • CHEER: We celebrate great Adventist people in warm churches who are building wholesome, authentic relationships with young people. GYA loves to tell growing young stories.
  • SUPPORT: We nurture Adventist churches and organizations who desire to grow young with the collective experience and shared wisdom of ministry leaders, point people, and passionate volunteers. GYA is here to help.
  • RESOURCE: We equip growing young communities by supplying mentoring, materials, and ministry training that help Adventists love next generations better. GYA has stuff to share.

Let’s make the Seventh-day Adventist Church the best place for all generations to grow. What if we started with your church?


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