You’re Invited to Grow Young


Does it feel like everything around you is changing?

  • Your church is growing older and you wish there was more energy and vitality.

  • Your church doesn’t have the young people it once did, and you don’t know what has changed and why your church isn’t connecting anymore.

  • The pandemic has changed the way you have always done church, and you don’t know where to go next.

  • Your church’s momentum has stalled out and you feel stuck.

  • You keep trying things, but don’t really know if you are doing the right things.

  • Your church is in a community, but isn’t connecting with the community, especially with the young people.

  • You want to see your church becoming the living, breathing, expression of Jesus to the world.

You are not alone. All churches are wrestling with these same questions, hopes, and dreams.


Introducing the Growing Young Cohort, sponsored by the North Pacific Union of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

This 9-month digital learning journey will help unleash the potential of today’s young people, while building a thriving community for all generations.

The cohort uses the six core commitments from Fuller Youth Institute’s Growing Young research, and applies them within the Seventh-day Adventist Church context. Resulting in an incredible learning and growth experience, that will transform leaders, churches, and communities. This is the best research available, packaged in a robust learning journey for cultural change.

All Adventist churches are invited to join this opportunity, and limited spots are still available for the Fall 2020 cohort. Go to for all the details.

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