My Intergenerational Church

Pastor Justin Yang is Texas Conference Young Adult Ministries Director and a #GYA presenter. His article about intergenerational relationships was recently featured in the Southwestern Union Record. Here’s an excerpt from his article:

Click the above photo or here for the full feature article.

One of my all-time favorite metaphors of the church is family. It conjures up the image of generations that are growing and maturing together in Christ Jesus. Families can get messy. (I can testify.) But because we’re family, we stick together and continue to love on each other. Instead of assuming the worst about one another, we empathetically listen and seek to understand and support each other intergenerationally. . .

It will take all of us, all generations, to finish the work. With that being said, what is mentorship and how can we come to a place where we can intergenerationally reconcile and collaborate with one another? To start off, mentorship is a relationship. And a relationship is all about doing life together. Being on the same journey together.

Click the above photo or here to listen to a Growing Together Podcast with Pastor Justin talking about mentorship.

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