#GYA Social Media & Events

For Growing Young Adventists, social media is playing an instrumental role in sharing current activities, events, and developments.  The hashtags, #GYA and #GrowingYoungAdventists are used synonymously with Growing Young Adventists to build online positioning and for technological expediency.

22894533_179129359306698_1269820485819098926_n#GYA Facebook Page – With over 1000 likes, this social media page provides immediate information to a vast network of #GrowingYoungAdventists enthusiasts and advocates around the world.  This medium affords efficient and effective ways to affirm and support #GYA. facebook.com/GrowingYoungAdventists

22886035_10156460590209240_3470336049079615610_n#GrowingYoungAdventists Network Facebook Group – Serving to communicate and resource #GYA leaders and practitioners, this social media group affords updates, data sharing, and notices to quickly be shared with the field. facebook.com/groups/GrowingYoungAdventists

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