#GYA Sermon Series


An effective way to introduce #GrowingYoungAdventists to your church is to develop a sermon series to be shared with your congregation.

Growing Young Sermon Outline- Keychain Leadership coverFuller Youth Institute has developed a couple of sample sermon outlines as well as free templates from which to customize sermon slides. Want to bring Growing Young ideas into your worship gatherings? Click on the image to the right  to go to their church resource page. Download their sermon outlines for scripture connections and inspiration for your next series. Grab their ebook of sermon illustrations from their research to show what’s possible. Use their slides to convey their look and feel of Growing Young.

Younger Generation Church [YG] in Arlington, Texas, shares their sermons on Growing Young Adventists, done as an 8-week series. Dr. A Allan Martin, teaching pastor at YG, also shares a transcript of his introductory message, “Growing Young with Jesus.”

Growing Young with Jesus [click image to watch sermon]

For more information about YG’s sermon series contact Pastor Martin [amartin@ygchurch.com].


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