#GYA Goes To Summer Camp


#GrowingYoungAdventists [#GYA] – This past summer, Benjamin Lundquist, Oregon Conference Young Adult Ministry director, taught #GYA content to young adult summer camp staff members. He encouraged the application of the #GYA commitments in the Summer camp setting, with the goal being to help camp continue to grow young through both campers and staff engagement and development. Ben also wanted to set staff members up to launch a #GYA culture after camp on their university campus, in their community, and at their local church. Here’s the basic structure for Ben’s #GYA at Summer camp:

Big Lake Youth Camp GYA Training 2018 Staff Training Week:
Day 1 – Introduction (30 Min)
Day 2 – Commitments (2 Hours)
A. Keychain Leadership
B. Empathy
C. Jesus Message
Day 3 – Commitments (2 Hours)
A. Warm Community
B. Prioritize Everywhere
C. Neighbor Well
D. Case Study


#KeychainLeadership – As part of the summer #GYA intensive for all staff, he offered a leadership cohort for young adults interested in next level leadership training while at Big Lake Camp. This learning journey ran for eight weeks, including weekly teaching sessions, assignments, and application pieces.

Weekly During Camp:
A. Review Content and celebrate wins
B. Dive Deeper Through Weekly Core Team Meeting (18 YA leaders)
C. Provide GY Books to Staff Members for Summer Reading

The leadership cohort provided young adults with excellent leadership teaching and community connection, supporting their development as influencers and followers of Jesus.


#TransformingCulture – Here are some great thoughts Ben heard at camp about creating and building culture. Culture is definitely a buzz word that we hear about a lot. The word “culture” is housed within the word “agriculture”, think about creating an environment where people can grow and flourish. Steps include:

1. Soil: Create an environment great people actually want to be a part of.

2. Seeds: Build an team with awesome people who share the same values and vision for moving forward.

3. Water: Give the team every tool and resource they need to be successful. Express clarity of mission and give trust.

4. Light: Show gratitude and affirmation for your team on a regular basis. Shine the light of Jesus into their lives during their toughest moments by journeying with them side-by-side.

5. Pull the Weeds: Call out bad behavior and distractive practices. Don’t allow your environment to grow habits that will kill the culture you were trying to build and the vision you were trying to bring to life.

6. Give Your Plants Space: Empower your team and leaders, and let them go. Don’t micromanage and hover over your people. Trust and step away so people can grow and develop.

36516940_10216630585856303_7002669976825888768_n#BeyondSummerCamp – Awesome Story! As a result of encouraging staff members to live out these commitments over the summer and beyond, Benjamin shares this story:

A nursing school graduate, name Hailey, was part of staff training week and heard all the presentations. She was very inspired hearing the presentation about “Empathy”, and the call to step into the shoes of those around her to better understand their story, challenges, hopes, and dreams.

The week after staff training Hailey was headed up to Tacoma, Washington to be interviewed for a new graduate nursing job in the neonatal intensive care unit of a local hospital. Hailey shared, “On the drive to my interview God clearly told me to talk about empathy.” During the interview she expressed her desire to sit on the curb with parents and families, making an intentional effort to really understand their story, while providing the most excellent care for her patients.

The #GYA teaching on empathy gave her the language to express what God had put inside of her in desiring to listen, understand, and love people better. She’s got the job and starts early Fall.




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