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Our desire is to cheer, support, and resource congregations who desire the vitality of our young people and the great relationships they bring. We also recognize the reality that budget for “resourcing” can be at times, let’s admit it. . . shoestring.

Although funds may be meager, #GrowingYoungAdventists [#GYA] wants to encourage your innovation and efforts. So to that end, find here some free resources we hope will bless your endeavor to make your church the best place for young people to grow.

Fuller Youth Institute [FYI] is a great partner to #GYA and has a free library of downloadable resources which they regularly update, adding great materials for you to use. FYI also recently debuted a multicultural page that features the Growing Young wheel in select languages as well as other free resources.

Click above image for FYI’s Free Library
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Click above image for FYI’s Multicultural Resources
Click above image for “Growing With” Parent & Church Resources
Click above image for NEXT STEPS

NEXT STEPS is the prequel to #GrowingYoungAdventists offering a research-based investigation of young adult attrition in the North American Division [NAD] context.

This free, online, young adult ministry training intends to empower a research-informed, relevant approach to young adult ministry by exploring the Adventist Millennial Study conducted by the Barna Group. Eager to help your local church love young adults better? By the end of Next Steps, you and your team will be able to apply the research findings from the Adventist Millennial Study to young adult ministry in your context. Find Next Steps at

Now also available in Spanish!

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Click above image for NEXT STEPS in Spanish!

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YoungAdultLife.DIGITAL: If you complete the online NEXT STEPS course, we will give you FREE an exclusive Young Adult Life digital access drop card affording you over 8GB of media resources including full presentation resources for NEXT STEPS [English].  Send a photo of your completion certificate to Dr. A Allan Martin to receive this exclusive resource.

26733492_1972066206143945_1428923210027125614_nFounded in 2003 by Dr. Tim Elmore, Growing Leaders is a non-profit organization focused on youth leadership development. Through relevant and innovative events and resources, they equip the next generation and the parents, teachers, coaches and mentors who shape their lives. Click the image to the left to access their helpful and free resources page.

28423459_10156049939023150_8885374699473922472_oAdventist Christian Fellowship [ACF] is the official organization for Adventist campus ministry on non-Adventist college and university campuses within the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist’s, including the United States, Canada, Bermuda, Micronesia, and Guam. Currently ACF is a network of over one hundred chapters across the NAD. Click the image to the left to access their free resource page.

The Growing Young Assessment is an academically-validated survey tool that provides vital insights about your church’s effectiveness with young people. It harnesses the collective insights of your entire congregation to provide you with a true picture of reality. No more guessing or simply hoping you’re focusing your church’s energy in the right places.

Based on the 6 core commitments discovered in the Growing Young research, the Assessment will highlight both strengths and growth areas based on data collected from you, your team, or your entire congregation.

For Adventist leaders interested in embarking on the #GrowingYoungAdventists journey or congregations/organizations already engaging with the Growing Young book, the NAD has partnered with FYI to offer a sample of the Growing Young individual assessment free of charge and significant discounts for the team and church versions. Contact any #GYA Certified Speaker or Dr. A Allan Martin for more information.

Click image for sample Growing Young Assessment Report


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